Page Manager is simplified tool for maintainin your web site. There are several tools available for the same purpose, but what differentiates Page Manager from most of them is:

- No need for RDBMS (mysql or similar)
- No web-page generation on HTTP-request.
- The website contains only HTML (or CSS / image) files, and is functional without any scripting
- No extra (meta information) files needed
- "Database" is self-contained: copying of pages copies the CMS information also.
- "Read is fast, write is slow" approach.
- Possibility on use same pages on non-scripting servers (or even CD-ROM)

There are also some drawbacks from this approach:

- Does not scale to very large sites.
- Full-scale refactoring of site is not very easy.
- Sometimes dynamic generation is faster than static pages (atleast Magnolia claims so) .