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Known issues

2006-01-30 TinyMCE problems with Internet Explorer

2006-01-29 Problems with template management

2006-01-29 Reindexing shortcut does not work if multiple templates are present.

2005-02-13 [CLOSED] The popups do not resize correctly

2005-01-16 [CLOSED] Section ID's do not allow spaces

16.1.2005 [CLOSED] There are extra arrows (>>) in managetemplate.php

16.1.2005 [CLOSED] Log file is shown as normal html file in filelist

16.1.2005 Enter does not save the section editor

16.1.2005 Scripting tags should be escaped in text editor

16.1.2005 [CLOSED] "change title" does not work

16.1.2005 [CLOSED] Text editor buttons do not follow application theme

16.1.2005 Log window does not scroll.