"just edit it..."

New PageManager version available!

2006-01-27 - Sami

"Never is a long time" said Roxette some time ago. Some nostalgy I just heard on radio. And I must admit that it has been terrbly long since the previous release. But better late than never...

There has been some major improvements. Mainly the focus has been in the editing interface that has been so slow on GPRS connections.

screenshot-pm1-tn.pngThe editing is now made using an AJAX-based editor. This means more like in-place editing rather than popup windows. Works very nicely on Firefox and IE.

Here is a snapshot from the changelog:

* New AJAX-style edit interface that allows in-place wysiwyg editing of html-files.
* Integrated prototype.js into PageManager for AJAX and DHTML effects.
* Cleared the look-n-feel on editor page.
* New simpler element syntax using div-items.
* Upgraded TinyMCE to version 2.0.1
* Moved Some of the file operation under "admin" directory, which can be separately password protected.
* Refactored code and removed unused code.
* Refactored styles into separate files.
* Refactored javscript into separate files.
* Added application icons.
* Addded "reindex" option for all pages created from a template.