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Version 2004-04-11 is available

2005-04-11 - Sami Ekblad

Just uploaded new version of PageManager to SourceForge.

The main focus of this release is the change of integrated WYSIWYG-editor, which has been changed from HTMLArea3 to TinyMCE. This introduces new editor interface, but the editor features are mainly the same.

In addition to new editor this release includes a few improvements and bugfixes. See the changelog below for details.

Special note: This version changes the directory from 'editor' to 'pagemanager' to avoid overlaps.

Download here 

Changes in version 2005-04-11:
- Changed the WYSIWYG editor to TinyMCE and added intergration files.
- Included stripped down version of TinyMCE (no language packs).
- Improved link-pattern matching in richtext link conversion.
- Made the log-file styles independent of editor.
- Separated the configuration into confic.inc for future needs.
- Added apply button to editor window
- Added title editor dialog and added file title functions.
- Small fixes in section editing functions.
- Improved file type handling in file list.
- Fixed a typo in MIME mappings.
- Fixed template management link.
- Changed the distribution package root directory from 'editor' to 'pagemanager'